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"You know that neighborhood that you visit when you stand outside of Snooze for two hours on a Saturday? Well, that neighborhood wasn't always a just place to wait in line for admission to the Mile High House of Pancakes. That neighborhood used to be home to the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center and a bunch of little restaurants that mostly catered to students and area locals. These days, only one of them remains. Luckily, it's the only one that matters: All V's sandwich shop.

All V's is one of those classic Denver spots that's been around since the biggest things happening in this town were John Elway and the Stock Show, and it's still around today despite all that's changed. The place has been through some changes itself recently, temporarily closing and switching ownership, though the new owners don't seem to have done...well...anything to it. And that's a good thing, because we like All V's the way it has always been - simple, affordable, delicious, and probably devoid of wheat bread.

This is most definitely not a place you visit if you're in the mood for some house cured coppa on a fresh baked semolina roll. This is the place you hit when you want something called a "Steak Bomb" with a side of cheese fries. And let's be honest, when don't you want a Steak Bomb with a side of cheese fries? That's what I thought. Long live All V's."

-Chris Stang   Reviewed for The Infatuation

Our Story

 all v's sandwich shop family owned and operated since 1977.

all v's sandwich shop family owned and operated since 1977.

All V's, which stands for “All Varieties”, was established in 1977 and has stood the test of time since.  We have been family owned and operated from the beginning and one of Denver's favorite local shops ever since. Fancy new website but same great sandwiches.  Known for our large variety of world-class sub sandwiches like the Avocado Gobbler Melt and the Steak Bomb, we are still dishing out hearty hoagies for the working class crowd. It's been over 40 years and we haven't changed much. Still cooking your sandwich on a giant griddle and then lay it out on a big square of wax paper so that you can add your own parmesan, oregano, red pepper flakes, oil, vinegar, salt and pepper just the way you like it.

denver's original sub sandwich restaurant